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In these unusual times, first & foremost- I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude for your support, kind phone calls, text messages and emails to say "Hello, How are you?" Taking the time during your own stressful time to reach out warmed our hearts.


I've had two weeks to evaluate our next steps as an operating business.

Your safety as a customer and the safety of our staff is of utmost importance. As we are all aware taking new measures with social distancing has become our new normal for the time being.


As a food establishment, we will continue to adhere to the Health Departments strict food safety rules. Sanitizing has always been in place and we will continue to throughout the day.

However we will be implementing new safety measures-

  • We will no longer be providing Dine In or Patio Seating during the shelter in place.

  • We will implement social distancing both with our staff and customers by following the county guidelines of being 6 feet apart.

  • We will be sanitizing after transactions and have sanitzer available for our customers.

  • Payments will be made contactless via our online ordering portal or by telephone. Due to our limited staff- we encourage you to place your online orders as we will be happily baking for you once again.


With much consideration for everyone on their safety & health, we will be open for the Easter Holiday weekend with these new guidelines in place. We are going to do pick-ups like we have done in the past for our holidays, where everything is prepared and ready for take-out. We will not be allowing anyone inside and will be handing the take-out from our store door. As much as these are trying times, we want to still be able to recognize what the Easter holiday means to us and the renewed spirit of getting together even if its only with the love ones that we are social distancing with. 


With Grace & Gratitude,

Karen Cordeiro

Old Towne Danville Bakery

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