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Our Story 


The Old Towne Danville Bakery was established in 1952 

by a local family from Danville, California. Over the years many

families have enjoyed owning this historic downtown landmark. 


And this is where we begin our own family's journey, 

in the wonderful town of Danville with a

dedicated following and room for growth!


Karen began her career in the food industry as a teenager

alongside her brothers and parents who owned a small deli.

After selling the family business, Karen moved on

to a 25 year career in the grocery industry. 


Customer service and treating people the way 

they wish to be treated is her true passion.


Owning the Danville Bakery 

with her dedicated husband and two daughters, 

and making so many people happy, 

is just THE ICING on the CAKE for Her!





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